Panggung Pahlawan is a theatrical drama that will be held on 13th of May 2017.

Panggung Pahlawan is held in hope that it will enrich, encourage and sow seeds of excellence. The performance will also deliver a strong message of ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ through heartwarming performances by our team members.

‘Panggung Pahlawan’ serves not only for the sole purpose of entertainment but also in other areas such as stimulating creative interests and conversations around Indonesian culture. By creating ties through the love of the culture and art, we can generate more awareness and strengthen the bond of Australian-Indonesian community. 

‘Panggung Pahlawan’ is also an opulent incubator for creative Indonesians to come together as a community and express their talent and individuality to a greater community. Amidst the busy life of university students, this project serves as an escape from the routine of a university student and a spark of creative inspiration for Indonesian students. 

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